David from Australia

Hello I’m David from Australia… first time with digital streaming etc and learning slowly. I’m combining a shiny new Qnap NAS with a brand new Volumio Primo, lots of ripped CD’s and very old but excellent analogue amp/speakers. Either I’m not very smart or there is a lot of assumed knowledge, but at least I got the system to play today. The part that threw me the most was having to put <vers=2.0> in the options section of the NAS setup before the NAS would mount! Thanks to whoever put that on this forum.

Still trying to figure out why there are a lot of audio drop outs - possibly a problem with wifi?

Also trying to figure out why the browser interface on my laptop is very slow to respond - took 60 seconds to render the system configuration page. I thought i had lost connection, but no, it was just very slow.

Also trying to figure out why the app on my elderly Android phone seems to be more responsive than my fancy laptop running Ubuntu. All on the same network.