Database performance problems

Volumio Information

Volumio Version:2.806
Hardware: Raspberry3

Has anybody ever tested Volumio with a 4TB hard disk full of music (FLAC/mp3) directly over the Raspberry USB PORT?
The system resources go all the time out to rewrite database (media library) although no new files and database is complete from a to z, it keeps repeating it each time I start Volumio!

Due to media library update, everything else does not work, or only very slowly, and if it works, the performance problems keeps all the time causing outages, as long as media library is writing on DB.
Unplugging USB hard disk, all internet streams works without any problem, it works fine causing no issues.
That makes Volumio unacceptable, I guess Volumio is a bad choice if you want t ear music from a large USB Hard disk.

Have you actually let the media scan completely finish? Rather than rewriting the database each you start Volumio, it may just be trying to finish a complete scan. What is the longest you have left it on in any one time?

I assume your 4TB disk is on a powered hub?

An RPi4 may be a better option in this use case, due to improved USB performance, and separation from etherne.t

Yes, MPD with Raspbian OS works perfectly with exactly the same constellation.