Dashboard organizer

I’m looking for a way to manage the “home”/“dashboard” screen of volumio.
I saw this thread : [Solved] Custom browse list for all UIs

A plugin to maintain this file (by hiding / unhiding items) would be great !

You can already do it, go to settings -> sources and scroll to the bottom

That is not what I asked for :slight_smile:
I want to be able to hide stuff from http://volumio/browse

In my case, I want to hide “playlists”,“artists”,“albums”,“mediaservers”

settngs -> sources does not permit that

Hi Rico, yes it does

I don’t have that on

I’m using latest version, updated this morning (2.779)
do aI need a particular plugin ?

It seems I dont have the code from https://github.com/volumio/Volumio2/pull/1714

I don’t have this commuit in my git log neither :

 root@zic:/volumio# git branch
* master
root@zic:/volumio# git pull
Already up-to-date.
root@zic:/volumio# git log | grep a21e4e505c8433dd16474f56522cad45e5b3dc5c

You don’t have to install things… Just scroll down the page…

as you saw on my screenshot, I don’t have this at the bottom of the webpage.

Not sure - and could be wrong - but there is a setting that pops in the wizard about “Give me full set of options” or something along those lines - do you have it enabled?

Yes, that’s cause it’s a shallow clone, and we don’t keep history. You can try git fetch --unshallow if you really want the history…

Just to rule out things - you are on an “official” build right? Not a community board or something?

@ashthespy yes I’m using the official build

As a sanity check I would quick grep for volumioGetVisibleBrowseSources in /volumio/app/index.js to confirm nothing fishy is going on, or is this what you’ve already done?

Just to confirm - this is an unmodified 2.779 build after the OTA update?

can you check if this setting is pk please

Thank you @balbuze. I was not in mode “Expert settings” !