Dark Theme and some frames...

Hi if anyone need “Darker” theme, originally from RaspyFi, I have modified current Volumio “light” theme to make it more visually appealing (for me!) Se the attachments:
Link to download (remove .modified at the end and place in the /var/www/css folder (replace panles.css)) : dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/126 … s.modified

I have also placed Pi andf DAC in one single frame for easy access and little bit of geekery!

thanks! themes are always nice!

Nice - the old theme,
But how can I copy this file while sitting behind a win 7 pc ?
I use putty.


With Win7, there is many ways to copy files to RPi. Try winscp.net .

I am writing this from the mobile, so short answer only. If you still struggling, please reply and I will post full guide on “how to” when closer to my PC…


Great app,
thanks a lot,


Good post.

If I want to add some extra text on the playback screen which file needs editing.


Mark :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: