Daily scheduled restart function direct in Volumio

Hi guys, I am unsing Volumio on a Raspi 4 with server plugin since some years.
By the way it is my player in the living room and my clock and feeds all my streamers
Over the time, volumio gets slow or some times do not work after some days.
Therefore over the last years I have used every night at 4:00am with great sucess the
You receive a fresh restarted Volumio system on your Raspi every morning.
Now I am wondering why this scheduled restart function could not directly be implemented into Volumio. I do not know if
would be also OK.
I think many users let the system running 24/7, maybe it is worth to avoid customizing and directy implement this into Volumio 3? This restart function could look a bit like the “sleep” function but integrated into the shutdown section.
What do you think?


Yeah not a bad idea, I leave mine on 24/7 and I expect the power consumption should be fairly low when it’s on idle (?), Just have a 2.5" SSD plugged in. It’s not often I need to reboot, just sometimes if it stops working.

Seems like the Tidal app doesn’t work more regularly these days and needs a clear storage/cache pretty often to work.

Maybe a daily and weekly option.

+1 for me.



Good idea, this is now on our TODO list :wink:

If we can make it quick it will be released in the next version, due in 2 weeks :wink:


Boom, I am surprised how easy this runs here trough the board. Cool.
Please consider if restart the hardware or restart Volumio is the best approach? I mean target should be to have a clean fresh System, afterwards. Hardware restart is definite solution but maybe this goes over the time on the components live time (365 times restarts per year when I drive it on the edge). Software reset is more soft, but I do not know if all RAM, cache
etc is cleaned and system is set like with power on. Maybe you could implement a drop down of both options. Thanks and have a nice evening.

Was this implemented?

Hi Jeremy I am also waiting for the implementation. Seems so it was not easy as expected. Kind regards

Hi there!
Any news on this topic?
I am facing the problem, that Volumio Premium gets unresponsive on my Pi4 when beeing idle for 1-2 days…

Thanks a lot!

Hi Michael,
that’s not normal. Let’s try to figure out the reason.

Which plugins do you have installed?

These are my plugins:

  • FusionDSP (deactivated)
  • PeppyMeter (deactivated)
  • Spotify (active)
  • SoundCloud (active)
  • Backup & Restore Data (active)
  • GPIO Buttons (active)
  • Rotary Encoder II (active)
  • Touch Display (active)

Volumio Version is 3.512

Thanks a lot!

Dear MichaelE, I can understand you well and I face the same issues with 3 different Volumio devices. Some are working better as others but for all of them is a nightly reboot like a good fresh awakening. How ever, this feature was never implemented from Volumio but it was/is on there bucket list.
To solve this issue quickly you can setup a automatically reboot which will be stay in the system even when Volumio gets updated…

For sure it would be better to have this directly into the build :slight_smile:

For your reference:

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/systemd-reboot.timer

Paste all within the lines into the file:

Description=Reboot daily at 4:00

OnCalendar=*-*-* 4:00:00


STRG+O = Create file
STRG+X = return
cat /etc/systemd/system/systemd-reboot.timer // Check
sudo systemctl enable systemd-reboot.timer // start timer automatically after a reboot.
sudo systemctl start systemd-reboot.timer // start timer immediately

sudo systemctl stop systemd-reboot.timer // stop timer immediately
sudo systemctl restart systemd-reboot.timer // restart timer if it is already running
sudo systemctl status systemd-reboot.timer // shows status of the timer

Thanks a lot!
I was hoping for an “official” solution as these system-changes will be wiped with every update, right?

No this one is installed as a service, these will normally not be touched by a sub version update.