Daily restart of PI2 with Volumio


New guys here and so far loving PI2 + Volumio. My Linux skills are very limited.

I’ll be running PI2 + Volumio 24/7 but I would like to restart the system on a daily basis early morning to avoid any issues. I know I can use cron-tab but can someone please share the script to restart daily? also do I just need to restart the PI? do I need to do any update on the DB or something?

Currently just streaming music (webradio)

Thanks in advance,


It’s not necessary to restart the system on a daily basis. My system (Volumio 1.55 + Pi2) has not been rebooted for several weeks now without any issues. However, if you really want to reboot, you could just edit your crontab (using th command crontab -e) to look something like this:

[code]# Minute Hour Day of Month Month Day of Week Command

(0-59) (0-23) (1-31) (1-12 or Jan-Dec) (0-6 or Sun-Sat)

   0     2          *             *                *            sudo reboot[/code]

This will reboot your system every night at 2am. You could change the frequency to once a week or once a month by changing the day-of-month or day-of-week entry from “*” to a number. However, my advice would be to try leaving the system up continuously to see if you encounter any problems before you implement a regular reboot.

Thanks for your response. I’ll monitor and do as suggested.

Dear as volumio is linux based you won’t experience the common windows issues. I have x2 Volumio setup running for monthes with a 100k song database that run flawlessly.

Once it’s setup, just forget it and enjoy the music.

Cron is disabled by Volumio, the method to re-enable it has been posted, do a search to find it.