DACBerry ONE and Coaxial input


I am using an OSA DACBerry One.

I have it set up and running perfectly with Volumio for streaming. I would like to use the Coaxial input from a CD player. I have moved the jumpers as per the OSA instructions.

No sound coming from the Coaxial input.

Do I need to also change the DAC Model in Volumio? I have tried the OSA DAC options as well as the iQaudio DAC Plus and the Justboom Digi.



the external input feature is available only with paid subscription.

BTW, I don’t see how to enable the digital input on their quickstart guide, they only mention digital output

I suggest to contact them to get some clear instructions for the digital input, especially what driver needs to be used.

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Thanks Darmur,

I already have an annual subscription to Volumio, so I don’t think that is the problem.

You are right that that OSA documentation only mentions the required Volumio settings for Coaxial out and not in.

I will contact both Volumio and OSA for solutions.

I appreciate your response.


Hi Oliver,

Did you make it work? I have the Dacberry One+ too and also want to use the digital inputs, but canˋt find a solution.


Does this DAC not work from digital input when nothing is playing in volumio? My hifiberry DSP does this without telling it to.