DAC TAGA Harmony DA-300 V.3

Name: TAGA Harmony DA-300 V.3
Receiver: USB Receiver
DAC:high-resolution 32bit / 384kHz PCM, DSD USB-DAC (ESS Sabre32 Reference ES9018K2M with patented Time Domain Jitter Eliminator and SA9227 chip)
Async: YES
Working with Volumio:NO only PCM
Tested Versions and Platforms:Work perfect in Windows7 with drivers ASIO With Foobar2000
Harware Mixer on Volumio: YES
HW Mixer string: Look for hw mixer name on /etc/mpd.conf . Report this ONLY if you had to make manual adjustment to make it work.
Comments: It does not work in DSD mode, it goes to PCM and in DoP mode.
Is there any plugin to recognize me in native DSD mode?
Buying Link: tagaharmony.com/en/product/1166/da-300-v-3!

Is there any plugin to recognize me in native DSD mode?

Hello Luis,

does it mean, it works not at all with volumio?
PCM only is ok, if this is running.

Dont need DSD in my car, but German Audiotec Fisher has a USB Audio Module for their DSPs with the SA9227.
Would be great if this is running with volumio --> usb – Car DSP

audiotec-fischer.de/match/z … mw/up-7dsp


The problem with “DSD-native” compatible devices is, that for linux (unlike the specific windows driver) they need to be registered in the usb audio driver.
Please do a


to find the “vendor:product id”
With that kernel support can be checked in the “sound/usb/quirks.c” module…