DAC selection for special usage

Hello all,

i want to do the following:

raspberry pi 3 with a i2s DAC for good Quality
but i need also the possibility to play the music via the audio jack at the same time

the DAC will be connected to an amplifier
the Audio jack will be connected to VU-meter

i find some few hints here, that this should be possible.

with any DAC?
or maybe with a better one with own clock, because the parallel Sound Generation for Audio jack slow down the raspberry

my prefered DAC at the moment is the hifiberry DAC+ Pro

but also the ALLO Boss DAC Looks fine


Hi Andreas, Did you find a solution? I found this post whilst searching for the same information. I have a VU meter on order and was hoping to hook it up to the audio jack whilst listening to sweet music via my DAC.