DAC/Resampling issue

Hello, just replaced my Schiit Bifrost 2 DAC with a Schiit Gungnir, and am having an issue:

Using raspberry pi 3 or 4 via USB from both Volumio and Runeaudio and using multiple local storage drives, once the Gungnir does the mute relay click to play 96 khz files (usually 24 bit FLAC), anything I switch to with a different sample rate (typically 44.1 khz) does not get a sample change click from Gungnir and sounds incredibly bad. I can still go back to 96 khz files and it sounds fine, but nothing I do causes a new sample rate change/mute relay click. If i reboot everything, I can play 44.1 khz sound again, but once I do any sample rate change (with the mute relay click), it again won’t go back to 44.1 khz (both mp3 or FLAC) without sounding like shit. I’ve used this same setup with a Bifrost 2 for over a year with no issue. USB cable is Wireworld Ultraviolet that has performed perfectly for a year. Schiit support’s only response was to try a laptop. I can’t replicate the issue, likely because the laptop is resampling everything to 44.1 or something and frankly I don’t care to figure out how to force the issue, given my layout I need to use a Pi streamer anyways. Nor do I want to go through a 1.5 terabyte library looking for 96 khz files to reformat.

In my opinion the Gungnir is failing to change sample rates, but I’m kind of a dummy. I’m afraid to send it back for a swap and have it do the same issue because 1) Gungnir is older tech than the Bifrost 2 perhaps? 2) It could be an issue with the new VCO version? Who knows…

Only solution I’ve found is resampling within Volumio, but then my fear is whether the sound is being degraded at all? What do I set it at, max, or 176.4 or 192 or what?

Hoping anyone would have some insight into this, as far as 1) would you send the unit back?, 2) would you just resample through volumio, if there is a technological reason that I wouldn’t be missing anything?