DAC output IQaudio to low with volumio 1.55


I am using a Raspberry PI B+ with an IQaudio DAC, with Volumio 1.51.
I am streaming my music from my Synology NAS with DS audio as audioplayer wired to my IQAudio DAC.
In volumio I activated the I2S driver to IQAudiOPI-DAC and the mixer is set to disabled.

In DS audio I stream with Airplay protocol and in DS audio I can control my volume.
The volume in DS audio is set so, that it give’s about the same volume out of my speakers as I play with it with my cd’s on the cd player.
It sounds very good. Almost no differenrence audible between the EAC FLAC’s and the original cd.

Recently I could not stream my audio to my IQAudio. I could achieve volumio. I tried all of the possible, hard/software reset, inactivate/ activate I2S driver, etc.
Nothing worked. Then I tried to put the volumie 1.55 on the sd card.
My IQAudio worked again. With the same setting on volumio, I2S driver set to IQaudio DAC and the mixer set to disabled.
The audio output of the IQaudio DAC has become significantly lower.
Even when I set the volume in DS audio to maximum.
Note: I want to set the mixer on disabled, as i used it before.
To get the same result of audio output of my speakers, I have to increase my master volume of my amplifier with -20dB.
That’s not normal. I’cant set the same volume as I was listening to my cd player anymore.
The result of increasing my master volume will increase the distortion. The sound was better with Volumio 1.51.

My question: Is this a bug reported by more users?
Can this be fixed?
For now, I am going back to Volumio 1.51, until the “problem” is resolved.

Hello, i have exactly The same problem with hifiberry+ with volumio 1.55. The volume is much lower than on the previous Version. I don t have hardware volume too. Its not working. The sound of the previous version is much lowder. I think It sounds better than the new version. I m using pi+

The iqaudio dac should works with hardware volume control. The go to alsamix and set playbac boost and playbac to one (I don’t remeber the exact term and I can’t check it now). You can find this information by downloading from Iqaudio the product information iqaudio.com/downloads/IQaudIO.pdf