I just got my rpi b+ and found that there’re few DAC for b+. But my question is: Do I really need a DAC?

which config is better?
1 rpi–I2S–>DAC–rca–>T amp --> speaker
2 rpi --I2S–>DAC–spdif–> AV receiver–> speaker
3 rpi --hdmi --> AV receiver --> speaker

I have a Marantz NR1604 av receiver which have hdmi inputs as well as spdif and toslink. I also have a Topping tp20 class T amp laying around.

As config 3, I’m using DAC in 1604 which support up to 24bits/192khz

Hi johnskiller, does option3 sound good? if so and you are happy then walk away :slight_smile:

there’s also the option on a USB DAC to add to your list. (but I will stay away from that discussion)

The benefits of an i2s DAC can be amongst others: shorter signal path, higher quality DAC, smaller package (more easily moved from room to room), lower power consumption overall etc.

There will be at least two B+ i2s DACs out in the next few weeks.