dac in a box!

I wanted to make something that will look professional, vs homemade.

Looked on taobao to find a nice looking dac case, and have repurposed it for use with a Pi + Suptronics x5000 DAC board (mostly as it moves all the I/O’s to the rear).

So far have the LCD, volume, and power buttons setup (LCD not mounted yet), and pi rear not mounted yet.
Will get a friend to assist with making a sketchup or cad layout so i can have a rear mount made (production is cheap to do here in China).

I’m using the Suptronics board - (ES9023 based)

Will be adding a gpio based i/r also.

Case photos and some “action shots”




Board -

Rough budget so far:
i2c LCD (16x2)- 12rmb
i/r (vs1838) + i/r remote 4.5rmb
x5000 dac - 221rmb
chassis 98rmb
misc stuff 20-30rmb (heat shrink, cables etc)
PI3b. - rmb 195

  • time (2-3 hrs so far)

Total around 550-560rmb (under USD 100$ including DAC, PI)

So far I have the LCD showing the song via polling MPD.
Any easy way for me to do this in Volumio automatically - i.e on track change?

Any suggestions on that?




Nice project. Really nice chassis. Any links where others could buy it?

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Not sure you’d be able to buy it (easily)

This is the one I bought -
item.taobao.com/item.htm?spm=a1 … 2a59hl6521

That’s looking great there bud! Any pictures of the closed box in its full glory maybe? :unamused:

As for the LCD challenge, I had created an MPD polling plugin (discontinued; but both GPIO and I2C), Jedail has made his (correction: you use I2C, this one only supports GPIO) and I have been working on a new one, but that’ll take some time.

Eventually we’ll have a nice and tight LCD plugin with some configuration options for both GPIO and I2C (I see you are using the latter).

Keep up the good work.

Hi, I’m Andrea from Italy and I’m very impressed by your nice work. Could you publish a kind of step-by-step tutorial about that? I’m a newbie on DIY (never built something similar by myself) and not have a strong background in electonics (I’m only a poor mechanical and software engineer… :slight_smile: ).
I also like to know how you modifiy the case , the rear picture in the link you’ve submitted seems not fit with your layout, for example not having any rectangular hole for HDMI port. Which tools you’ve used to modify it?

Thanks in advance!