DAC Hat to External DAC

Using an RPi4 what audio Hat would be a good choice to output digital Tidal to an external DAC? What would be the higher performance output option, coaxial, BNC or RCA? I’m thinking of going out to a Pro-Ject DAC S2 then RCA into my Edifier R1280T active speakers.

I use one of these with a Khadas Tone Board:

IQaudIO Digi+

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A USB DAC usually offers more performance for the same money since the development costs are amortised over several different market places. And not just the RPI interface.

Consider the Topping E30 reviewed here

You’d also need to buy a low cost 5V/1A power brick for the e30. Use standard interconnects from Amazon basics or equivalent. Anything more expensive is a confidence trick and a waste of your money!

RPI4 + Topping e30 is very considerably better than your speakers though :frowning:

The RPI 4 is prone to running hot. If you go down the HAT route you should consider a fan attachment. If you are using a USB DAC buy the FLIRC heatsink case which keeps the RPI4 cool as well as being a neat case

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Many thanks for the suggestions. I’m on a journey, will upgrade each component every couple of months, speakers included. I’m not against testing different Hats and DACs before the larger investments. I do have heatsinks and a fan on order, plus a pcb riser kit and acryllic stacking enclosure. I also have a linear power supply coming, 2 X USB 5v 2.5A (15W).

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