DAC constantly dropping out. Please help!

Hi, I’m very new to the Pi and Volumio, and need some help. I have got it all working but my DAC is dropping out extremely frequently, (probably 10 times a second) so the audio is very stuttered and it seems that the timing of the data stream is too quick (from what I hear it seems to be playing fast). I have a CLASSE CP-800 as my DAC. I have tried a Creek Evolution 50CD as the DAC and that worked without fault. What can I do to get it working? In Volumio settings, it recognises the CP-800 as the USB output device, but the sound is just a mess. I’ve tried playing with all settings but no luck.

Please could someone help?



Do you know what USB chip is being used in the CP-800 for communication? I guess different from the 50CD, any idea which chip that one uses?

It might be useful to test the CP-800 with something different like Daphile (http://www.daphile.com/) to see what that does. Daphile doesn’t run on the Pi but uses PC hardware (laptop or PC or so). If it works there, then your DAC is fine and it has something to do with Pi hard/software.

My guess it that it might have something to do with the USB sound driver version (and/or kernel) that Volumio uses together with the USB chip your DAC uses.

Hi, thanks for the reply. No idea what USB chip is used with the CP800. It works fine with my MacBook Pro so it is definitely functioning. It probably is related to drivers, but no idea how to sort it