DAB+ Receiver for RPi, C1+,...


in the forum there were some posts about how to play DAB+ with Volumio. With various hacky solutions like SDR sticks( which consume a lot of CPU power). But nothing that sounds like a good solution.

I thought about it and had the idea to create a dedicated hardware DAB+ receiver board that would fit on SBCs with I2S connector like the RPi 2,3 or the Odroids Cx +. The benefit would be that also the DAC hats can be used as output.

So the question: Is there a general interest in such a receiver board or do you feel fine with mp3 and audio CDs (as soon as the CD Player plugin arrived in a bug free version :wink: )?


i am very interested in having DAB+ .

Do you mean you will develop a Volumio plugin where one is able to control the DAB+ Radio ?


Yes I am super interested!


Sounds great!

It would consist of a receiver/decoder hardware and a volumio plugin to control the receiver.

Epic, I would definitely order a few from you. I looked into DAB+ when I was planning my initial all-in-one radio build, but found no good out-of-the-box hardware except for crappy USB sticks. I even looked into getting just the plain chip, but the circuit design would have been slightly beyond my capabilities, so I scrapped the idea.

I will order one as well! And I think it will be a great fit into our shop

Sounds good - I will also order one.

Do you mean like this one (I have ordered one, but not used it yet) -

has anybody found a working solution integrating such in volumio?
I haveā€™nt got a volumio yet as missing DAB+ is a problem for me.



Any news about the ugreen DAB+ module ?