Custom UI for hdmi display

Is any method to add second ui, with only cover art, artist name, album and track for hdmi display connected to rpi?
Standard webui for phone or tablet not change.


That’s a really good idea

+1, I like that idea. I like it headless, but if you wanted to display that, that is a nice option

Love it! I’ve been playing with the idea of a CXN streamer kind of display for some time. I love the simplicity and elegance of it:

And this one has more info:

So if you could change the ‘canvas’ that’d be super duper :slight_smile:

Update: the Pioneer N-50 has a similar grid.

So it is a lot of work to make it?

How can we help?

Great idea! I´ve been running volumio in a store. Would be cool if the costumers could see what song is playing :slight_smile:

Agree! Would be very nice! Full-screen album art. maybe song name…

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Hi guys

I have amended the CSS to make the cover art max-width: 1000px.

This gives me a large cover art on all browsers and apps but sadly keeps all of the gubbins around it (eg volume etc and other buttons).

I have then trawled the internet for large cover arts (working alphabetically I have got as far as ‘THE’).

It’s ok but it’s not what I want.

What would be great if it went fullscreen, with the volume and buttons only appearing on activity (eg rollover, mouse move, touch).

You could show track progress and meta data as well but I’d be happy with just cover art large and nothing else.

This shouldn’t be too difficult as it’s just HTML and CSS and the elements are all already there - just needs relaying out.

I also wonder whether this could be added as a plug in so that future Volumio updates don’t affect it.

It could be called ‘Now Playing’ or something.


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+1 for the idea. Just a simple display - most cover art is 1000x1000 or 500x500 so you have plenty of room for the title etc.
just keep the web interface.

Hi to all

I have amended the CSS to display Volumio on my 32 inch lcd tv
My target was to display hour and date (with a java script), a bigger cover and bigger text… i got only a problem, on the phone the date and hour hide the options icon, so i can’t use it.
I’m not an Angular user, so i don’t know how to resolve it.
Anyway, i think it’s a nice interface now…

Is any possibility to add this feature?
Different site on hdmi display than control ui on phone?
No touchscreen, only cover and info about song.

Where i find information how Volumio utilize hdmi display and info about rest/json info?

I can help to build this as plugin

Go on mredone, mate! It will be fab!

Hi all

I noticed Ropieee have a similar interface for Rpi and official touchscreen…

If someone can produce this plug in I’d be happy to pay for it.