Custom RPi + HiFiBerry DAC

So I wanted to test out Volumio.
First I got myself a new Pi because the other ones I have was revision 1 and I needed the rev 2 for this project.
Then I went ahead and bought the HiFiBerry DAC and some Furutech FP-900 G (RCA connectors)

The first thing I did was to solder on the P5 header on the RPi.

Then I test-fitted the DAC

I wasn’t happy with how it would be if I put in in a case so I started modding the Pi by removing the 3,5mm jack and the RCA connector from the board.

Also removed the RCA connectors from the DAC board.

Soldered on some wires and put the RPi and DAC together to test fit in the case.

Soldered on the Furutech RCA connectors

Closed the case and there we have the finished product!

Took me about 1,5 hours to do, but the planning took a while.

Hope you like it! Please tell me what you think! I would love some constructive feedback, maybe I can make it even better?

I tried to tweak the UI a little bit.
First I removed the volume wheel because I use the HiFiBerry DAC and I control the volume with a passive preamp.
Then I had to center the playback wheel and see if it still looked good on both PC and mobile.
After that i tried to change all the colors, but there are still some color values I cannot find (I probably will try more later)

Anyway here is the result.

Should be all found in panels.css


Hi, can you post your modified files here ? Thanks