Current track display for Tidal flashes name and album art, then is quickly replaced by "0.flac?..."

I am a new Volumio user, and new premium subscriber, drawn in by promise of playing Tidal on my Raspberry Pi

Steps to reproduce:

  • Login as premium user
  • From Now Playing click on Browse icon
  • Navigate to Tidal | Mixes and Radio | My Mix 1
  • Click play
  • Notice track starts playing
  • Notice: footer displays: Album art, track information

Expected result

  • footer continues displaying album art and track information for duration of track
  • when track changes, footer updates to display album art and track information for new track

Actual result


** Other Stuff that might help **
Running Volumio 3.213.
Upgraded from the version that currently ships with Raspberry Pi Imager

OS info
Version of Volumio: 3.213
Hostname: volumio
Kernel: 5.4.83+
Governor: performance
Uptime: 0 days, 16 Hrs, 13 Minutes, 45 Seconds

Audio info
Hw audio configured: HDMI
Mixer type: None
Number of channels:
Supported sample rate:

Board info
Manufacturer: Raspberry Pi Foundation
Model: Raspberry Pi Zero W Rev 1.1
Version: 9000c1
Firmware Version: Jan 6 2022 15:40:57 - 58e03c94953762222f2b838390dde54d46c38381

CPU info
Brand: BCM2835
Speed: 1Ghz
Number of cores: 1
Physical cores: 1
Average load: 264%
Temperature: 50°C

Thanks for your feedback, but it seems you updated to a TEST build. Those might have bugs as they are development releases. I suggest to reflash with a released imager :wink:

Let us know

Ah - any idea how I might have upgraded to a test version? I didn’t mean to.

I upgraded because I was having this issue with the version from the Raspberry Pi Imager.

Is the Raspberry Pi Imager a test version, too?

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I guess you have the test mode selected in <volumio-ip>/dev

So the bad news for me is that this seems to have everything to do with the Bluetooth Speaker Plugin ( Bluetooth Speaker Plugin - Plugins - Volumio ).

I have verified this on v3.198

I realize this probably leaves me beyond the reach of any kind of official support while using this plugin.

Are there other plugins that will enable connection to bluetooth speakers?

Is there an approved way to update /etc/asound.conf such that I can point pcm.volumioHw at bluealsa?

OK, I think I’ve gotten it down to this is what happens when mpd.conf includes an audio_output entry that references a bluealsa device.

When I start a track playing, Player State is what I’d expect for a few seconds:
{“status”:“stop”,“position”:4,“title”:“Florida”,“artist”:“Wild Pink”,“album”:“Florida”,“albumart”:“",“uri”:“tidal://song/206387763”,“trackType”:“tidal”,“seek”:4583,“duration”:545,“samplerate”:"44.1 KHz”,“bitdepth”:“16 bit”,“random”:null,“repeat”:null,“repeatSingle”:false,“consume”:false,“volume”:86,“dbVolume”:null,“disableVolumeControl”:false,“mute”:false,“stream”:“tidal”,“updatedb”:false,“volatile”:false,“service”:“tidal”}

It then updates to:
{“status”:“play”,“title”:“0.flac?token=1644617779~YmI2OWQ2NDQ2ZjcwNDNlZjFkMjliZDBkMzI2MDk1ZWQyMDg3MmM4Nw==”,“artist”:"",“album”:null,“albumart”:"/albumart",“uri”:“",“trackType”:“tidal”,“seek”:12390,“duration”:545,“samplerate”:"44.1 kHz”,“bitdepth”:“16 bit”,“channels”:2,“random”:false,“repeat”:false,“consume”:false,“volume”:86,“dbVolume”:null,“mute”:false,“disableVolumeControl”:false,“stream”:false,“updatedb”:false,“volatile”:true}

This suggests to me that something is happening inside mpd.

Anybody got any hints or brainwaves for me?

@volumio It just occurred to me that tagging you at least once in this thread with what I’ve been able to learn might help.

I completely understand if there’s no help for me but figured you might have a special insight that could at least provide me a clue.

what i find in log that usb to eth controller fails

Product: AX88x72A , Manufacturer: ASIX Elec. Corp

here’s a repro with that flaky usb ethernet adapter removed

@volumio and just for giggles, here’s the problem reproduced again, but this time using pulseaudio instead of bluealsa