Current state of CAVA (visualizer) support (especially for streaming sources)?

I was also able to get shairport_sync working, again due to your assistance.

I edited /tmp/shairport-sync.conf, which I am aware is temporary (see this thread for finding the right template file to edit), but I needed to change the name of the alsa device it pointed to to “softvolume”.

alsa =
  #output_device = "plughw:1,0"; ← the previous default
  #output_device = "softvol"; ← the first thing I thought to try
  #output_device = "softvolume2"; ← the second thing I thought to try
  output_device = "softvolume";

May this stand as a testament to how incompletely I understand Alsa config and, hopefully, a bit of help to anyone of my skill level who follows in my tracks.

I can write C++ and javascript all day but given me an ALSA config file and I shit my pants :frowning:


Can you please help me install Cava on volumio