CUE sheet & library management

Hello everyone,

I haven’t used volumio in some months for whatever reason… now I’ve come back, installed it on a RPi 3 to see if it fits my current needs. And actually it does again, almost.

Most of the stuff I want to play is in FLAC/CUE format which will not change any time soon and playback works flawlessly so far, if a CUE file is selected via Media Library.

BUT I can’t seem to find any of the individual tracks through the search or using the Artists or Genre views. It seems as if the CUE sheets will not be indexed/added to the library.

From what I’ve read, mpd should support it so I was wondering if there’s anything that can be done about it to change this behavior.


Unfortunately if you search, cues will not show… This is a current mpd limitation

Thanks for the fast reply! You don’t mean current as in “scheduled to be fixed” (I imagine you monitor mpd development very closely), right?

I don’t honestly know if it’s in mpd roadmap (it might be fixed in a newer release that the one we use as well, I am not aware of it…)

I installed mpd on a different computer in standard configuration but it didn’t find the behaviour fixed in the current version. Too bad.

After doing some more research, it seems things are finally happening. There’s pretty recent posts with extensive research about the possibilities and difficulties with cue integration for mpd. Maybe you should keep an eye on this one: Add feature to parse cue sheets contents into the MPD database #39.

Hope to see an mpd update in volumio once the feature’s available. Think I can live with the current version for the time being.

Thanks anyway for the continuing improvements to the software. I remember the RPi 2 + Hifi-Berry experience some years back wasn’t nearly as smooth.

For the sake of completeness: cue sheets will be parsed into the library with mpd 0.22

Waiting for the release…

How might it be possible to track when the relevant MPD version would be integrated into a Volumio release?

ok it seems that this problem continues to exist, I have read too technical solutions for me about MPD etc. any news from the developers? I have many flac files with cue files and for me this is a really important feature. I use volumio on Raspberry Pi 3+ with volumio ver. 2.873.

ver 0.22.6 (2021/02/16)

  • fix missing tags on songs in queue

ver 0.22.5 (2021/02/15)

  • protocol
    • error for malformed ranges instead of ignoring silently
    • better error message for open-ended range with “move”
  • database
    • simple: fix missing CUE sheet metadata in “addid” command