Cubox version

Hello, I use volumio from years and I’ve always been very happy with it on my CuBox-i4Pro. Anyway I think that the vast majority of users has the Raspberry or an x86 machine and so those version of volumio are more often updated. My question is: are the raspberry Pi 3 as good as the cubox on the usb output? Because the price of an Rpi is relative low I was thinking to switch to it to have the last updates of volumio but I was downhearted from what I’ve readed in the past about the quality of the USB output. Is it still a problem or the RPi 3 has this problem solved? I’ve a new usb pre-dac, so no way to switch to some i2s ports hat or others. Many thanks for the infos!

There are undoubtedly potential problems with RPis and the shared ethernet/USB controller (have a Google search), but many, if not most people use them successfully with usb DACs. I’ll let those with some experience of this speak for themselves :slight_smile:.

If you want to totally dissociate yourself from the usb problem, then there are other regularly updated SBCs (Sparky, Pine64, Odroid).

Yes, you’re right, I think Sparky could be the right choise. I’ve a TP-Link TL-WN722N usb wifi dongle that is compatible with linux (i’ve used with daphile with no problem in the past) I hope it will works with Sparky too. I’ve readed that there is a 2GB (optional) version but in the shop there’s no choise for this version, is it available? Using a little bit the brutefir plugin in the past for DRC i’ve seen that the cubox was suffering a bit and it has 2gb of ram.