Cubox-i2 does not always boot

I have bought a Cubox-i2. Now when I connect the power, the led always comes on, but the Cubox doesn’t always boot, for it does not always establish the wired Ethernet connection (I have it wired for now). Is the Cubox faulty?

It appears that Volumio is the problem. XBMC works fine. This is a real problem!

I ruled out the ethernet cable, connection, and SD-card too. 9 out of 10 times Volumio won’t boot at all! The Ethernet doesn’t come up. This holds for both the Beta1.2 version and the 1.4 version. When in a scarce moment is does come up, all kinds of problems occur (see my other posts).

make sure your Volumio installation is OK. I had some network problems which where resolved by reinstalling a clean system image, un-zipped with The Unarchiver on Mac (and not the standard app for Mac)

I am also running a cubox i2 without any issues.

If you are on a Mac it would be interesting to know if reinstalling a clean system solves the network probkem

I reinstalled a clean system about 5 times over, with Win32DiskImager on PC. All times there was a bad Ethernet connection.

I am happy to hear that, and I hope I will be able to say the same sometime :wink:

Maybe the problem lies within the plugging of a non-supported WiFi dongle, but I haven’t really been able to reproduce that because of numerous other problems (see my other posts).

Tried it without the WiFi dongle, but the problem persists. The XBMC mediacenter software runs fine with the Cubox over Ethernet.