Cubox-i 4Pro for sale, new in the box

I ordered a Cubox-i 4Pro from Solid Run, then bought one from New Egg. Last Friday - months after I placed my order - the Cubox-i 4Pro I ordered from Solid Run arrived. But I don’t neeed two, so I’m selling the new one. I’m asking a $100 for the Cubox, power supply, and a 4GB MicroSD card - new in the box. Buyer pays shipping. I’d strongly prefer to ship only within the USA.

The MicroSD card is from the New Egg model. It came with (and still has) an Android image on it. But for an additional $10, I’ll toss in a barely used SanDisk Ultra 16GB Class 10 MicroSDHC card (with an SD adapter) since I won’t need now either.

I took the new Cubox-i 4Pro - and the power supply - out of the box long enough to put the MicroSD card that has my best version of Volumio in it. I plugged my DAC into a USB port, a USB drive into the other USB port, plugged in an Ethernet cable, and then the new power supply. Volumio booted right up and worked like a charm. I did not test WiFi or any other physical connections.

If you are interested, and willing to pay by Paypal before I ship it, please send me a PM here, and we can work out the details. I know that any prospective buyer does not know me from Adam. But I’m an honest guy, and have also sold a number of things as “scolley” out on the Reef Central and forums to very happy buyers. You can check my reputation as a seller on those two sites. It’s very, very good.

Please PM me if interested.

PS - Michaelangelo and mods: I did not see anything in the rules about not selling. So I hope this is OK. If not, please delete it. And I assumed this this forum is the right place to put this thread. If not, please move it.

PPS - With Cubox-i’s being so hard to get your hands on, I though selling a new one at a fair price might actually be a welcome thing here. Too bad I’ve only got one extra. :slight_smile:

Hi scolly,

I don’t know how to send you a PM, but I would be very interested. I am still waiting on my Cubox order and would be really happy to get one sooner!

How can I send you a PM?


I got your PM Ned, so I’m guessing you found the mechinism to send them. And a reply is in your PM In-box. Thanks! :slight_smile:


Thanks for looking. :smiley: