CuBox and DSD

Is anyone successfully streamed DSD through CuBox’s HDMI port?
I own the CuBox-i4pro and desperately trying to natively stream DSD.
When I try to play DSF files I get only 192/24 signal sent to my audio processor.
Any suggestions?


I have an old amplifier (FSA Rubby). It have 24/192 PCM max. When I try to play some DSD file, I can listen normally sound from connected speakers.
Conversions is OFF. DoP is OFF. Why don´t Volumio stream Native DSD stream?
I have CuBox-i4 Pro too.

Thank U for answers…

Volumio (MPD it uses) is perfectly able to play native DSD or via DoP.

The limitation is within the interface used to transmit the audio signal.

Cubox has an optical SPdif which is limited ( not by Cubox but by design of Optical SPdif) to 96/24.

Same applies to HDMI which normally is limited to 48/16 but seems to be changeable. Check other topics to read more on HDMI samplerates.

One option is to look for an USB DAC capable of converting signals up to 384/32.

I used USB cable. And amplifier is switched to 24/192 (its max). When I play Native DSD - it normally play… It´s wrong, or no?

Native DSD can have several sample rates (DSD64, DSD128, etc) but they are all higher than the 192/24 of your amplifier’s DAC and therefor do not give you any sound.

If you let Volumio downsample to 192/24 (or lower depending on CPU load), you will get sound. See the playback menu at the bottom.

of course.

no downsample…
no DoP…
my DAC is only 24/192
connect CuBox-i4 Pro over USB

click on some 64dsf

and - it normally play

It is not OK - really do u think, that I write here, if it is somewhere on menu something switch to downsample or something like it? No!!! :slight_smile:

BtW CuBox Tos-Link play sound quality 24/192 - when we connect it to Yamaha CD-S3000 DAC with Tos-Link it show on its display “24-bit / 192 kHz”.

It is Okay - at my home I have a FSA Rubby with async DAC and here is it - what is not good :wink: