Cross Compiling a kernel? I'd like to, but...


I’m currently using the HDMI sound output to feed a Denon AVR1911 amplifier which is capable of 192kHz/24bits but as I understand the actual kernel is limited to 48kHz only so based on different posts here I have to make my own kernel to get rid of this limitation.
I have a PI 2 B and I guess it has enough CPU power to compile the kernel «fast» enough but my laptop is way faster. Anyway, before cross-compiling (I can find the howto easily) I have to find where the kernel sources used in Volumio are. I did not find this information.
So, any clue where those files are?
Many thanks.

Ok, it looks like I won’t get much help here :frowning:
So yesterday I found this article to be very useful: … g-the-code and I managed to cross-compile a new kernel for my PI 2 B card.
I took the latest kernel (3.18.9) and applied the RT patch and I used the standard configuration for the kernel. No problem compiling, it’s quite fast on my 5 years old laptop.
Tomorrow I will use the /proc/config.gz configuration from Volumio 1.55 ad I will test it on a fressh SD card as I don’t want to trash my system.

I have a spare PI B card and I tested the new kernel with (almost) the same configuration (there are some new options on the 3.18.9 kernel, Volumio is based on 3.18.5)
I changed the snd-bcm2835 module to support up to 192kHz but my LCD screen is limited to 48kHZ! I will try it on my AVR amplifier tonight when I’ll get home.