Crazy idea or maybe not ......

Good evening kids are Hector from Rome I’m new with Volumio (congratulations to the great player ideators) but old for age I’m almost 65, my idea is probably wrong since I do not understand and I’m not a technician (probably having idea Even if somewhere else) since Rasberry has its own wifi line that communicates the thing with the PC or something else, but to hear the Weeb radio we need to use the lan line, I wonder if using a USB WIFII ethernet by inserting it into a USB port of the Rasberry and inserting on the SSD where is the volume of the USB WIFII program it works … (a WIFII line instead of the Lan and the other for the jeweler) someone knows if all this can work or ’ My misguided idea hi guys

Hi Ettore! You can listen to web radios even with wireless wifi… So no problem there, no need to add anything… Hope I did understand your question

What I was saying to Michelangelo is that for listening to web radio we need to take the lan, obviously without taking lan we have no contact with the rutel, that’s what I said if we have two wiffi a Rosberry that connects with the PC to play And the arouser with USB WIFII jack via rutel we should have web radio via wifi without any connection wire is possible

Hi Ettore,

your raspberry pi can connect to the internet (via the router) either by a wired connection or by wifi. It doesn’t matter which you use. If you are already connected with an ethernet cable, then you are fine, and there is no need to use wifi.

It is true but I was wondering if it was possible to connect to the internet without wifi connection if the raspberry has a wiffi connection and allow me to run it with the pc should I use another wifi connection to connect with routel without using the

You say that raspberry can be connected via internet via wifii but how does it have two lines one from raspberry to routel and the other from raspberry to pc to use it if it explains the procedure thanks

Ettore, its quite difficult to understand what you say, however I’ll try.

If the PI is connected to your router, like your PC, you don’t need anything else. Your PC can connect to the pi directly via that link.

Mannaggia can not understand what I mean is that the PI is connected to the Router via lan cable, and the pc at Volumio via wifii, and in this bike everything is fine but what I want to do is to connect the PI to the router not with the LAN cable but via wifii, and also Volumio to the PC via wifii is possible and as

Mannaggia non riesco a farmi capire quello che voglio dire va bene che il PI e’ collegato al Router tramite cavo lan, e il pc a Volumio tramite wifii, e in questo moto tutto procede bene ma quello che io voglio fare e’ di collegare il PI al router non con il cavo LAN ma per via wifii, e anche Volumio al PC per via wifii e’ possibile e come

ciao Ettore

If I understand you, you want the Raspberry Pi to connect without wires (wifi) to your network router. Then you want to control Volumio using a computer that is also connected wirelessly. Your PC will access and control Volumio through the network. Where is your library stored?

If that is what you want, it should be easy to set up.

  1. While the Raspberry Pi is connected with a LAN cable, open the volumio page and click on the “settings” gear icon in the top right corner.

  2. Choose “network”

  3. Scroll down. Leave “wired network” on. Scroll down more to set up the wireless network with your router settings.

3 b) If you do not want to use a router at all and want to access the Raspberry Pi without a router, using wifi directly, that is what the “hotspot” section at the bottom is for. If that is what you want, after you set up your hotspot, you need to set up your computer to access the Volumio hotspot as if it was a network router.

Does that make sense? Did I understand your question?


Ok BigMike I did this
Scroll down. Leave “wired network” on. Scroll down more to set up the wireless network with your router settings

But now how do I view and manage volumio I should find the interface

Hi Ettore,

once you’ve set up your wireless settings you should be able to get to the Volumio UI at, but this is only an example (note that the volumio.local only works with certain OSs)

Okay tomorrow I try and I’ll let you know thank you

Hi I tried to do what you told me and everything works fine thank you hello