Crashing on RPi 2, Edimax, HiFiBerry since summer

I’ve been trying to upgrade since late summer 2019 versions. After years of fairly easy use, I neglected to record the last version that worked for me. But, I’m seeing consistent crashes for the last several versions including 2.668, 2019-11-14.

The behavior is fairly simple…

  • Flash a 8GB card with the version
  • Install card
  • Power up
  • Volumio comes up as does the ‘volumio’ ssid network
  • Attempts to join that network fail (using password ‘volumio2’)

Immediately upon joining the volumio network, the Pi crashes.

Raspberry Pi 2B
Sandisk 8GB SD card
HiFiBerry DAC+ v. 2.3
Edimax EW-7811Un ( … ew-7811un/)
(RTL8188CU based)

This configuration has been stable for me FOR YEARS.

Here’s more fun…

Retrying with a different card (16GB Samsung) and Balena is reporting the image as corrupt.

Any ideas?

oh… and I’m powering the box from a bench supply that can deliver up to 10A (50W), so power should not be an issue


reflashed again and set up over ethernet. THEN used that setup to connect to WiFi.

Seems like the problem may be in the switch from AP to connected SSID.