Crashes out of nowhere

Well 1st of all the volumio pack works with my setup. (See my other post in Introduction, all I use is PI/USB DAC/USB Wifi/USB Stick for storage
What I experience are crashes out of nowhere and I do not know why. Is there some error log to check? (Sorry I am not some linux pro)
The web interface is only accessible with my real PC, with handy browser (Opera) it fails to load at all.

Well in general I wanted to let this PI run 24/7. As long as I keep it busy it works. But after some idle time it simply loses wlan or whatever (no monitor on it so I simply dunno). Does it go into some kind of sleep/idle mode if not used?
If yes I simply want to set it to permanent busy.
Or any other reasons it loses network connection?

Does your router disconnect after some time (DHCP lease-time)? And does the router then give the rpi another IP?

Nope my router is set to 24 hour DHCP lease. No other device simply goes off it.
The Pi disappears whenever it`s “idle” for like 1 hour.
The wlan stick was running on some other machine all fine before too.

It must be some idle issue. Maybe a pro can check/verify this?
I let it play webradio the whole day now and its still up.
When it plays nothing for about and hour it just disconnects or disappears from my local wlan.

  1. Is the behaviour the same with static ip?
  2. Perhaps there is a configuration option for your WLAN-Stick. May be google helps?
  3. If there is no other help - configure a cronjob to ping to the router every hour. Perhaps this prevents from disconnecting.

1 - Can`t use static need DHCP
2 - I did not set anything for that stick it worked right away with volumio standard/inbuild stuff
3 - Ok i might try that

Alright me again.
After running for about 3 days it crashed again.
Are there some error reports stored somewhere which I can check?

Did you read this:

Could also be a bad sd card or damaged sd card reader slot on the rpi (witch in some cases is verry hard to see) … ad173a3067

hope this helps

I had similar problems using ethernet. After a while of uptime it lost connection and re-plugging the network cable got it back again. I added the suggested fix above and so far the connection has been stable (a couple of hours ago now). Just in case someone has a similar issue.

Edit: Nevermind, it just lost the connection again.