Crackling noise using RP4 / Aune S16 and DSD64

I am using an RP4 with latest Volumio 3.512 connected to an Aune S16 DAC via USB. The Aune S16 uses an SMSC USB3318 Chipset at the USB Input. The DAC can play DSD DoP. No native DSD.
I have tried different audio buffer sizes, but no change. Mixer is turned off.
The RP4 is connected to an all Ethernet LAN (no wireless connections in the signal path). Swisscom 1Gb Internet service. The music sits on a Synology DS1815+ running MinimServer.
When playing DSD64, I am getting slight crackling noises which I can hear when the music is very quiet.
This problem does not occur:

  • when playing DSD128
  • when playing DSD via Roon through the Volumio Room plugin. The Roon signal path shows DSD being used end to end

I would be grateful for any hints how to fix this.

It could be a known issue we’re about to solve in the coming releases… could you please try to disable multiroom, reboot and try again?

Thanks @Darmur
Turning off Sources/Multiroom solved the issue. I can enjoy DSD64 again