Cover art doesnt show in certain places

First of all i must say that I really like Volumio. Its simple, elegant and rather quick responses compaired to other play.

However, i seem to have some problem with the whole cover art thing not showing up.
Yes i read all sorts of forums here but i could never fins a solution.

Lets talk about the issue im having.
When i go to “browser -> album” certain albums doesnt have a cover despite there exist a folder.jpg cover in the folder for said album.
But if i open said album, each song has the right cover.
Also, almost all of the covers, if not all in fact, isnt the ones that i have specified in the folders with the folder.jpg files, why is that? ithought Volumio should look for file first then download.
However. if i where to go to “browser -> artist” i can see every album of said artist with the correct album that i have specified with the folder.jpgh file in the albums folder.

Can someone clearify why this is happening and how to correct it?

Yep, it is normal currently.

you can check the discusson on github:

There is a workaround… you search the “wrong” album under /data/albumart/web/[artist]/[album], copy the folder.jpg there and edit info.json.

It looks like this:

{ "extralarge": "folder.jpg" }

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Thanks for the reply, did what you told me on a couple of albums, but it didnt work.

The covers are still missing from “browse->Album”.
but if i go “browse->artist->Album” every album has the correct cover already automaticly.
So why cant the same album show the same cover?

It works, I did several times. you should clear browser cache or did it on the wrong place.

MNy bad, it did work.

But still, why do i have to manually add the albums cover when they already exist in “/data/albumart/folder/mnt/[xx]/[xx]” automaticly and works.
Is there something special that makes the grid view of albums to look in another database?

Is it not possible Volumio creates its own cover art library (either database or directory/file structure) during scan/update containing the local cover art images if present, extracting image from tags or fetch artwork from internet if neither is present. This would make it possible to always, in all views and list, show the proper artwork and solves the performance issue for extracting tagged images.

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And this would maybe even make it possible for users to add artist images. The correct artwork is important for me, and having a lot of obscure artist now results in wrong or awful artist artwork

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Sorry, it doesnt make sense. To copy a local image is much faster than download it from the internet. Plus the local image is 100% valid and much easier to replace it if it is necessary. Normally it could be just an if in the albumart processs. If there is no lookup value and there is a local image than use/copy the image to the proper location under /data/albumart/web.

I always understood that Volumio can’t show cover art in all views because in the artist view there is no known path to possible local art. And Volumio does not use embedded art since it takes too much time to process.
I think most of the art issues can be solved by locating/processing/caching the art in advance and not realtime like it is now. Since speed isless an issue during scanning/updating the library folders

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