Could we install Bluetooth dongle and stream?

Firstly, thank you so much for this wonderful tool. Volumio 1.41 worked on my b+ straight away.
the sound@home app doesn’t seem to work, but bubbleupnp is woking just fine.

My android phone can use bluetooth to stream not just google play etc, but also other foreign language based streaming apps - , saavn etc.

So, if there was any way to get a bluetooth dongle attached to the pi to receive music from the android phone, then I could easily stream from every android compatible music source.

I tried installing my bluetooth dongle using instructions at various sites including this one : … oth-dongle

Volumio shows that the dongle is attached , but i just can’t get it to install the bluetooth drivers etc.

Secondly, even if I did manage to do so, it does not seem like Volumio can accept music streamed via bluetooth.

Is there any way to
a. install bluetooth dongle
b. use said bluetooth dongle to stream music?

Many thanks.


I read somewhere that using Bluetooth to stream won’t work until something called pulse audio is installed. No idea if that can be installed.

However, I discovered an android app allstream … d&hl=en_GB . This works with rooted phones and can stream all audio content that would otherwise play on your phone. This includes Google music . I heard that the allcast feature on bubblepnp should do the same but I haven’t been successful with that app .

So, until someone can figure out how to utilize the dongle, I’ll keep using a rooted phone to control and access all my media