Corrupted music list in Albums

Two of the entries in my Albums list are corrupted. The main title (in white) does not belong to the smaller text (in green). I am unable to clear the problem using either Rescan or Update in the ‘My Music’ panel. I can access the tracks eg through ‘Artist’ but not via ‘Album’. Clicking on the album name just stalls, and shows no content.

Second, a web-derived album cover art for one albums is incorrect, but I cannot clear it by adding a ‘cover.jpg’ file in the appropriate directory. It’s stuck with the wrong image.

I presume there are indexes somewhere in the Volumio directory. Can I clear one or more of them to get rid of these problems? Logging into Volumio by SSH is simple, but which indexes or files should I delete? I could completely reinstall Volumio, but that’s a last resort.



If you want to clear the albumart cache, you can do

rm -rf /data/albumart/*

also, we cache the albumarts in the browser, so clear your browser’s cache data

Thanks, I’ll give that a go. Any suggestions on the crossed links in albums?

I killed the album art cache in data, but it looks like MPD is cacheing its own images in a database somewhere. Can this be forced to recreate itself, or edited?

Progress so far (not much): I started out trying to fix the wrong album art for the Holst Planets CD. I’ve tried a number of things in MPD, including the command line ‘mpc update’. (no effect). I then went into the mpd tag_cache, and it has the correct MusicBrainz album ID (a9a7b610-5b26-4caa-9875-5ffe266c0c65). The track IDs I’ve checked are correct, too. The art attached to that album ID in Musicbrainz is correct. However, Volumio is displaying the wrong art. I have not yet hacked into the sql database (sticker.sql), because I need to set up a MySQL server.