Correct configuration for the Amp+

Hello everyone,

Before I start: Volumio is great! Thank you very much for all your work on this fantastic piece of software. Now to my questions:

I have just installed the latest version of Volumio (1.55) on a RPi 2B with the HiFiBerry Amp+. Although everything seems to be in place now, I had to try many settings before I got it working. So my question is: What is the correct configuration for the HiFiBerry Amp+ in Volumio’s Settings tab? The only working setting for me under the I2S section is “Hifiberry Amp”, which creates “dtoverlay=hifiberry-amp” in “/boot/config.txt”. For the DACs there seems to be a difference between …dac or …dacplus in “/boot/config.txt”. Is there no such difference between Amp and Amp+? “Hifiberry +” in I2S doesn’t work for me. And if I want software volume control I have to manually add “Master” in mpd.conf.

Have I gotten everything right or have I missed something along the way?


up ! :wink: