Copy volumio image (x86) on hdd internal from linux live

Hi guys, i’m new volumio user. i’d like to install on my internal SSD the system. i have this problem.
I cannot copy with DD command the image volumio of distro from my pen drive to my internal SSD from the linux live SO.
Now i’m on ubuntu live and i formatted the internal drive in FAT32 and this is /dev/sdb1 and my volumio usb is /dev/sdc1 i used this command from the shell live linux:
sudo dd if=/dev/sdb1 of=/dev/sda1 bs=4M

help please.

my little pc is beelink BT3

thank you Giannii

sudo dd if=/media/ubuntu-mate/volimg/volumio-2.878-2021-04-21-x86.img of=/dev/mmcblk0p1 bs=1M

You’ve placed very contradictive postings.
If you want to image you SSD from the USB thumb, the command should be like:
(assuming sdc is the USB and sdb is the SSD disk.
sudo dd if=/dev/sdc of=/dev/sdb 1M
If you write to a partition sdb1,sbd2 it will prob. not boot.

In you 2nd post, you write to a SD-card? I’ll assume you want to write the downloaded image to the SSD disk, then:
sudo dd if=/media/ubuntu-mate/volimg/volumio-2.878-2021-04-21-x86.img of=/dev/sdb bs=1M

Please run:
sudo lsblk, to determine the proper drives.

Sorry for my first post. I have the beelink bt3 and on this little pc the internal disk is a memory card. I want copy img volumio from usb pen on internal memory card. Now I’m on whit a Linux mint live and from shell use dd command correctly. But when I rebooted the pc I have this error.

thanks :blush:

do you have a card reader in a pc with windows?
your just copying 1 partition that way there are 3 partitions that run volumio

Please use windows and etcher to burn the SD. Not sure what went wrong here. I guess you didn’t burn the img file but a copy of the USB, as the UUID doesn’t line up.
As you are unable to access this one through putty, you can’t check what the proper UUID is.
if you can get to it:
sudo blkid, will give you the correct UUID
sudo /etc/fstab, to update the UUID.

What dd command did you use?

I cannot remove from pc the memory card. Before there was windows 10 but I deleted all partitions and all data from them.

This is the dd command

Late dd command I have this in my internal memory

download baleno etcher for linux and burn it to the card or ssd that’s all

64bit version

32bit version

And I would suggest, to burn it to a USB thumb, instead of a SD-Card. as that is not the most reliable media to run a OS.

Ho provato ma il pacchetto sulla distintive che ho non funziona.

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Same problem after etcher

Why not just boot up from your USB pen drive image into Volumio on your x86 device, and get it to install to your device? I forget exactly where the option is, but somewhere in settings

Oh my God… Where is this option?
This exist in a daphile in volumio I don’t know!

Under ‘Settings’, ‘System’ you should find ‘Install to Disk’.

Note this was from the Volumio 3 beta, but I think it is in the same place in Volumio 2.

Hurra… i’m very happy! whit new volumio 3 beta all ok… but now why i don’t see my usb hdd with flac file? i have purchase the virtuoso profile and tidal and nas go fine. Now i’ll connect to my Denon PMA1600NE for listning.

Glad it worked, and a much simpler solution. :wink:

Please report any issues on the Volumio 3 Buster Beta for X86 thread. Actually make a post anyway including your system info … it all helps to make the beta as wide as possible. Make sure you read the top post about providing system info and Volumio version. Thanks. :+1: