Cooling options with pi 5 and dac hat

Hi guys,

What are people doing to keep their pi5’s cool with a dac hat? Apart from the obvious heatsinks etc.


I have the default FAN, and use a raiser to add a hat.

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Do you have an answer for everything on here? :rofl:

He does!

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As long as the questions are related to Volumio, Python, Bash, LMS, SL and hardware in the range of x86, rPi3, rPi4, rPi5, Odriod N2, I know things :joy:

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He is like Google and know everything but first you should say " OK Wheaten, … " :rofl:


considering to get myself this T-Shirt:


I’m not sure about Google, but nobody’s seen him and Chatgpt in the same room.

That sounds like it will end with:

All we know is he’s called the Stig!