Converting old amp into a streamer - your point of view

Greetings All,

I’m truly inspired by some of the projects I’ve seen here! They have sparked an idea in me, and I’d like to get your perspectives on its feasibility.

I have a non-functioning Yamaha CR-800, which I purchased knowing it was out of order. The missing transformer is the main problem and despite my extensive search, I’ve been unable to find a replacement. I’m close to giving up on that quest!

So, I’m contemplating an alternative route: what if I could repurpose it into a streamer?

My preliminary plan involves expanding the opening to accommodate an 11.9-inch Waveshare screen. I’d need to cut at the lower part of the knob openings, resulting in a new opening of 360*86mm. In order to fit the screen, I’d need to create an adapter, but that shouldn’t be a problem as I have access to a 3D printer.

I’m well-equipped with the necessary hardware including a Raspberry Pi 4, linear power supply, DAC, and the needed cables.

Do you think this project is feasible? I’d appreciate your thoughts and insights.

Will it be easier to order a new faceplate?

if you are handy you could saw out the bottom part by hand and finish it nicely.
ordering a custom front is of course easier.

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OMG - I haven’t seen a CR-1020 since I was 14. My dad bought us one in the late 70’s (to amp a B&O turntable, an Onkyo tape casette player, and drive a pair of B&O loudspeakers. I always loved the soft damping on all the controls and the feel of the brushed aluminum and the way the radio dial would spin just the right amount and the lights glowed so cool. The wood felt so warm even when it was cold.
And I always wondered what some of the buttons actually did … and who in the world could ever need two ‘phonos.’ When i was even smaller I’d just lay on our shag green carpet in the living room and play with those controls and think about the the Awesome B&O space-ship styled audio equipment I’d have when I got older.

So very cool.