Converting m3u playlists to Volumio format?

I was wondering if anyone has an idea how to import or convert a standard m3u playlist to Volumio. I have playlists created by various media players over the years and would love to import them to Volumio on the Raspberry Pi. Thanks!

I found the location of the playlists in Volumio (the ‘/data/playlist’ folder in Raspbian) but a peek into a sample playlist I created in Volumio shows it’s not laid out the same at all.
Thanks for the help!

You could try here. Please report back here if it works ok.

Or … Volumio could support COMMON playlist formats


The playlist converter does work with most m3u playlists. If your playlists are from iTunes however, iTunes does title - artist instead of artist-title. I created a fork of the repo that will work with iTunes playlists.

Another gotcha I found is Volumio is case-sensitive on file names. So some of my songs were in my .m3u file capitalized one way, and the actual file names were capitalized another way.