Control Volumio with CLI commands - Loxone Home Automation


I would like to control my VOLUMIO with the ordinary pushbutton light switches next the the interal doors.
These pushbuttons are connected via CAT.7 cables with a Loxone home automation server.

Logitech Media Server can be controlled via CLI commands

all available commands can be found at

And a tutorial for Loxone and LMS at … 3ovU/edit#

Where can I find the CLI commands for VOLUMIO?

Hi there

As volumio uses MPD i am pretty sure you can use the CLI for it to control it, look here:

There are no specific cli commands for Volumio, but Volumio uses MPD so you can control it with any MPD client.

Look act the MPD documentation which commands you can send.

Would be nice of you could show if/how you have the integration working :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answers. So the final goal is to have something like this … ulti-audio
but not with a Loxone Music Server (to expensive for me) but with a Raspberry Volumio.

I was googling for the CLI commands for MPD / VOLUMIO already - could you please give me a hint where to find them?

The link i gave above contains the most complete collection of info on mpd/mpc but a quick google also led me to this man page:

Also ssh into volumio and enter mpc help will give you the list of commands it accepts :wink:

Perfect! Thanks a lot!

np :ugeek:

did you realize it? i already have volume control but i do it via a php script on volumio… how did you do it?


just seen this Thread, and I control my Volumio through the Loxone Air Remote.

Here are the Commands I am using:

Volume UP: /command/?cmd=volume%20+1
Volume down: /command/?cmd=volume%20-1
Pause: /command/?cmd=pause
Play: /command/?cmd=play

The Volumio needs to be setup with port 80, like mine (

great, thank you! does the command “toggle” work for you?