Control volumio from other tcpip client

Is it possible to control volumio using other tcpip client? E.g changing track?
Volumio can receive any command from network and send it to streaming device?
I like to add wifi-buttons using some e.g esp to control phone what streaming music…possible?

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It’s not totally clear what you want, but here are some possible answers (one of which might apply to your situation).

  1. There’s a Volumio app, that you can use to control Volumio from your smart phone (basically, it’s a mobile version of the Volumio web interface that you know about).
  2. Volumio has a REST API, that you could use to write your own application to remotely control Volumio.
  3. Volumio acts as an OpenHome renderer. So you could use any OpenHome Control Point (Linn Kazoo,, BubbleUpNP, Upplay, …) to control music playback on your Volumio device.
  4. Volumio also supports Airplay, so it shows up as an Airplay device (to which you can stream music) in iTunes or on an iPhone.

Ok, i will try yo explain simplest as i can;)
Phone-wifi cast apk streaming to volumio.
Other device (esp32 or esp8622 chip) control phone.

On amplifier to home cinema I have airplay and I can control tracks using remote controller from amplifier.
I would like to the same on volumio, but with other external wifi device (not ir).
Something like telnet or ssh to send commands.

Wysłane z mojego SM-G950F przy użyciu Tapatalka

I’m sorry. As I said in my response (and as it says in the Volumio Manual — did you bother to look in the manual?), Volumio supports streaming over OpenHome/UpNP/DLNA (via upmpdcli) and over Airplay (via Shairport-sync). As far as I am aware, no other streaming protocols are supported.

maybe this?

Please, in English :wink: