control from other telnet client

My configuration:
orange pi zero, lan connect to local (for putty ssh login and setup), wifi connect to telnet server (for control).
On the same telnet i have remote controller who can send command to control (is flexible, so i can send any text) and oled display.
On Pi I connect using wifi to other network and start telnet client.

Question is, is it possible to control volumio from:
client=>telnet server=>volumio=>telnet=>control api?
Telnet server broadcast all message from any client to all client connected, so i see on volumio what is sending from remote device and oled.
How can i use it for control volumio?
how recive this command … lient.html to response volumio action?

The command incomming from telnet can not control volumio, is it possible to pass this way?

Or…someone try mqqt?