Control a plugin via ssh?

can you control a plugin via ssh? I mean to act and deactivate?

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I have found a way to deactivate or activate a plugin. With a command in ssh, I rename the respective plugin folder. You can include this in a script. I built a shortcut for my iPhone that turns the PeppyMeter plugin off or on. So that no errors occur, I have written another start script that always activates the plugin at system startup.

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Please post the command so every body can enjoy it :slight_smile:
I was reading in some updates ago that it should be possible …
I think if we look in to it, we could use it for any plugin.

Here is an example of the PeppyMeter plugin

volumio pause && cd /data/plugins/miscellanea && mv peppy_screensaver peppy_screensaver_off && volumio play

volumio pause && cd /data/plugins/miscellanea && mv peppy_screensaver_off peppy_screensaver && volumio play

For other plugins, the paths must be adjusted.
I created the “on-command” as a start script so that no problems occur. The plugin is thus active with every restart.

Is that the full ssh command? I will try to trigger on the streamdeck maybe it will work even on that :slight_smile: but i have to see if i can trigger it from remote place :stuck_out_tongue: but i think it has to be in rest api to do that.

Maybe you could create a plugin that we could use to trigger it with trigger happy?

Thanks. :+1:

Just when I thought I had Volumio as I wanted it - someone gives me more reasons to fiddle😃.


I’m not so familiar with the creation of plugins.
In Trigger-Happy, can you store terminal commands?

Trigger happy connects to a remote or keyboard that you connect to the pi and asign the keys with it.

So if you press a key of pad on the remote is sends a command to volumio and runs the command
Like play ffwd rewind pause vol- vol+ Did this for my harmony remote.

In the summary of the trigger config file you can see how the file is build.

I think you can add the command to Triggerhappy configuration.
How did you connect your Harmony? With RF-USB?
Which Harmony do you use?

The harmony ultimate one ( the one on the image ) with hub and the Flirc v2 USB
Trigger happy runs the commands given true it all.

Remote >> hub >> flirc >> triggerhappy (volumio)

Thank you

could not trigger it by the ways i know i think you have to write and trigger it that way.

some thing like this :

do you know away how to trigger it with triggerhappy?
i tried the options that i know but still no luck.
but added 0-9 on the remote to work :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do it with triggerhappy!
But I’ll take a look!
And then report.