Contribute by Translating Volumio to your Language

I will try when I got some time. Can you post or send me the most recent Dutch translation?

Can you post or send me the lates file? So I don’t have to begin from scratch. \

Thanks in advance

There you have them:

Thanks! May I ask you a favour?

  • Can you please clear all the white lines and make sure there are no empty lines?
  • There are some values which are empty, can you fill them?

string_NL.json.txt (27.5 KB)

yes I did, I converted the file on a Mac, so some strange things happened. Now it is complete without white lines. :grimacing:

All good now?


See post above. Is everything ok now?

Thanks! Added

Nice, no probleem/problem/problemo :slight_smile:

I see some misspelled words in the Dutch translation, according to the official guidelines. Is it possible to correct them? Or do I need permission from the original translator?

No problem. Send a pull request on GitHub. If you don’t have account, you can post the file here :wink:

I have no experience in doing such things. :slightly_smiling_face: So what is the easiest way?
I have an account on Git-Hub.

So, go on GitHub Volumio, or make your changes and press send a pull request.


I have updated the Spanish language.

  • locale-es.json
  • strings-es.json

I can’t Attach a zip file that includes these 2 files as I don’t have permission.
How can I send it?
Best regards!!


I attach a zip file that includes these 2 files.

Best regards!! (15,5 KB)

Hello everyone,
There is a new translation tool setup, that should simplify translations for volumio.

It offers lots of improvements:

  • It has some automatic checks built in.
  • You can see the current status of each language
  • It offers more context and options to clarify context
  • You are able to discuss about translations by comments

I’ve tested and tweaked it the last weeks and hope it will serve its purpose well…
However, It’d be great, if you could give it a test run and provide feedback about the new workflow.
(You can view all translations as a guest. To provide translations, you’ll need to register first.)


I tested. Nice tool! I registred and made some small translation adjustement for french language :wink:

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The tool works very well and is very friendly.
To test it I have completely updated the translation of Spanish and Catalan.

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Finished Korean translation on weblate a few days ago. I just wanted you to know. As far as I understand, it is Volumio and not Volumio 3.x.
Also, do I have to download the translation and commit on Github? or Volumio Team does the sync to Volumio development tree?

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Hi @songskim,
thanks for your translation efforts.
There’s no need for a manual commit to GitHub. It is done by the translation tool. In fact your translations should have already been pushed to GitHub.

Hi Michelangelo

Turkish language update (37.0 KB)