Continuous Play

Hello All.

I use Volumio (on Allo Sparky board) in my garage workshop daily and thought it may be easier to just put it on continuous play. In searching the forum and online, I am unable to find a simple way to do this. Apologies if it is an obvious solution, I just do not see a way to keep the music going. Thanks for any help.


MY personal solution:

  1. Into “Playback Options” - “General Playback Options” anable “PERSISTENT QUEUE” to avoid queue to be deleted after restart.
  2. Install and enable “AutoStart” plugin with a default 20000ms delay and enable “Play From The Last Position” to begin music reproduction as soon as the player in fired on.
  3. Add ALL you music into a Playlist
  4. Load the Playlist (“Clear and Play”)
  5. Enable “Shuffle” Mode
  6. Play =)