Consume Mode in volumio 2.526

Is there still something like a consume mode in the latest Volumio release?

When controlling Volumio by BubbleUPnP from my Android phone each track is deleted from the playback queue as soon as it ended.

I searched for an option in the Volumio settings but didn’t find anything. Also didn’t find anything in the settings of BubbleUPnP. so I’m not sure if it is an issue of Volumio or Bubble. But I assume it might be activated with the MPD in the background.

there still seems to be a variable for consume mode, when you query the state via REST api “volumio.local/api/v1/getState”

{ "status": "play", "position": 2, "title": "Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1-5))", "artist": "Pink Floyd", "album": "Wish You Were Here (24Bit/96KHz)", "albumart": "/albumart?cacheid=955&web=Pink%20Floyd/Wish%20You%20Were%20Here%20(24Bit%2F96KHz)/extralarge&path=%2FNAS%2FFLAC%2FPink%20Floyd%20-%20Wish%20You%20Were%20Here%20(24-96)&metadata=false", "uri": "mnt/NAS/FLAC/Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (24-96)/1 - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part 1).flac", "trackType": "flac", "seek": 53057, "duration": 809, "samplerate": "96 kHz", "bitdepth": "24 bit", "channels": 2, "random": false, "repeat": false, "repeatSingle": false, "consume": false "volume": 43, "disableVolumeControl": false, "mute": false, "stream": "flac", "updatedb": false, "volatile": false, "service": "mpd"

see here:

anyone knows how to trigger consume mode?