Constant need to restart? SD card, amp,?

Not sure if this is a SD card problem, DAC issue, AMP, or what but thought I would throw it out there to see if any responses.

System: Pi4b - usb to Topping Dac D30Pro - PS Audio Sprout100 amp
Wifi - 5g connection over 400mpbs

Issue: Volumio will play like 5 songs in a playlist then just simply stop, lock up and not play anything. System becomes unresponsive or will change to new song after 30 or 40 seconds but stilln ot play with volume.

Question: Could this be the PSAudio Sprout or is this what happens when you have a bad SD card? If I reboot everything is fine and it may work for hours before it does it again. Does it matter if you have to reboot all the time?

You really shouldn’t have to. Easiest first thing to eliminate is the SD card. Behaviour is consistent with a failing card. Suggest you use Raspberry Pi Imager.

Thanks @SimonE Trying now. The Rasberry Pi imager is pretty cools how it finds the current version of everything.