connexion Wifi 5.8ghz

Hello my name is Vincent, I am french and i don’t speak english.

I use volumio since 1 year and i love the pluging You tube on volumio2.

i have buy a access point 2,4ghz and 5,8ghz. when i activate the 5,8ghz volumio disconnect and switch the connexion in AP Volumio.
i have open the file log of my AP. The volumio connect the AP 5.8GHZ. However the AP 2.4Ghz and the AP 5.8 Ghz have a différent name of ssid.
And in the page parameter wifi of the AP volumio, i have just the ssid AP 2,4Ghz in the list.

My config is volumio2 with raspberry2 and un usb adaptater wifi edimax ew-7811un
I try to modify the file interfaces without success.

could you help me?
do you know a adaptater wifi AC for raspberry2 and volumio 2?

Thank you

Hi Vincent,

Recently i was looking for working solution and you can buy:
EdiMax EW-7811UAC and other adapter from 7811’s famuły. All of them work with Volumio out-of-box.

Best regards from Poland.

@ lukaszzsch
Thank you very much

With the last update, there is no problem.
I bought a wifi key usb for a other computer.
I m’ testing on the raspberry with volumio2 and it works.
This is the EDUP USB Wireless adaptater 802.11ac,802,11a / g,802,11n Numéro du modèle:EP-AC1607

good luck, good music…