connectivity, ram load

Hello, michelangelo!

How do i get ram load to work? I have implemented volumio to a raspberry pi and only have read about the possibility of playing files out of the ram on this site. Does volumio automatically load tracks into ram before playing them or is it necessary to do some further configuration to achieve this?

The second question is about creating an access point with raspi and a logilink stick that i use. In a former music server project that i built up with the raspi it was possible to use raspi and logilink wlan adapter as a hot spot so that smartphone and server did corresponde with each other without the need of a router connection on which both, smartphone and raspi need to have access. This to have in volumio would be very useful in mobile conditions. Although probably web radio possibility would be lost. Is this direct connection possible in the actual version of volumio?

A lot of thanx in advance for answering!

Greetings, robert