Connection Issue with Volumio Shop Gear

I recently purchased some gear from the Volumio Shop and I’m facing a connection issue with my new devices. Specifically, I am unable to establish a stable connection between the Volumio gear and my wireless network. I have followed the provided setup instructions carefully, but the devices fail to connect to my network consistently. I have tried restarting both the gear and my router, as well as ensuring that my network is functioning properly with other devices. Despite my efforts, the connection problem persists.

I am reaching out to the community for any insights, troubleshooting tips, or potential solutions to resolve this connectivity issue. I would greatly appreciate any guidance, suggestions, or links to relevant discussions that might assist me in getting my Volumio gear connected to my wireless network successfully. Thank you all for your support!

Hard to answer.

  • What is your distance to the access point
  • How many walls/floors are in between
  • How many people in the neighborhood are using the same channel
  • Quality of the signal
  • Location of the hardware

Nothing beats a wired connection.

Surely the first question is; “What gear?”

off course :stuck_out_tongue: you could get support on your Volumio gear just email,

Volumio tech support

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