Connection/Addition of iTunes library

I apologize in advance if this has been asked and answered before. I did a significant search, but did not find a guide or help on this topic.

If someone could simply point me to a thread I would appreciate it.

I am a new Volumio user. Previously I have been running three sqeezeboxes in our house pulling content off of a logitech media server (LMS) on an iMac. The LMS accesses the music files in an iTunes library.

I do of course see the LMS in the Media Servers selection and I can scroll through that for all my music, but the search function does not work and it’s a bit of a kludge. Is there an easy way to link to my iTunes library such that its content will be available in the regular Volumio Music Library?


Jon B.

i saw this and it looks like it is possible this way, can you tell me if it works? because i have the same problem.


I had Volumio working in no time on my Raspberry Pi 2 + Hifiberry Dac+. My supplier, SOSSolutions sells completely installed configurations. So it literally worked out of the box.
However, mounting my iTunes folder (residing on an external HD connected to my iMac) gave me serious trouble. Every attempt to mount it as NAS in Volumio led to a hangup and I had to reboot the PI. I tried every single configuration tip I could find, but no result.
Finally I read about the Linux mount command, enabling you to mount an SMB/cifs volume directly from the command line (requires connecting via SSH with the Rasp Pi).
Using this command from the command line of my Raspberry Pi / Volume server I mounted the shared folder iTunes in the Volumio server. Then I added the same folder as NAS in Volumio and this time: all went well. After updating the library my iTunes music is now visible and playable in Volumio. Since this is the original iTunes folder I don’t need to move my music around. I suppose I have to update the Volumio library when I add music to my iTunes library.
I still don’t know why it didn’t work via the “normal” Volumio menu. But hey, it works now!

These are the steps I followed:

  • sharing the iTunes folder via the Macs system preferences (checking the Windows SMB box in advanced options). When there write down the IP address of your iMac.
  • create a folder on the RaspPi with the following command: mkdir /mnt/ [e.g.: mkdir /mnt/macmusic
  • issue the following command on the command line of the RaspPi:
    sudo mount -t cifs user=% /// /mnt/
    sudo mount -t cifs user=John%secretpsw // /mnt/Itunes

with a folder name you want to give to the music-folder on the RaspPi (I used Itunes)
with the loginname for your iMac (I used the long name)
with the password for your iMac
with the IP-address of your iMac
with the name of the shared folder on your Mac with your iTunes music

I then added a NAS volume in Volumio with the same (remote directory), , and as in the mount command. This worked fine.

Do you know if this is still the best way to do this? I couldn’t get it to work (I think they may have changed the “mount” command during the past 3 years)?

I’m really amazed that this doesn’t work via the GUI anyway. Volumio has a very polished looking UI, but it’s amazingly unpolished behind that.

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Actually, I just discovered that it works fine through the GUI now, provided that you refer to your mac by IP address. Seems like adding mdns support would be useful, but I can just give my Mac that I’m using as a server a static IP address. A bit annoying, but I can deal.